Always moving forward but never in a straight line Sam's career has taken him from Columbia Film School to national success, in commercials, indie features, documentaries and even the script he wrote for DINO ISLAND II, a 3-D theme park immersive experience ride.    Although delighting in his work across this mind and genre-bending arc, Sam’s special expertise in docu-type situations, his affinity for working with actors and his mixed-media mashup dexterity bring resonance, realism and real feeling to whatever he creates.

recent highlights

AARP has been a long time fan of Sam’s work and he has directed multiple commercial campaigns for them: from comedy and dialog spots to info-mercials, to a web-isode campaign highlighting the real people who work at the AARP FOUNDATION and the people they serve.

HUMANA Health Insurance, has also trusted Sam with multiple animated spots over the last year.

A bright light on all of this is Sam’s latest feature THE RETURN OF JOE RICH (2013).  Written, produced and directed by Sam (he also shot the SUPER 8mm Film stop-motion sequences) this pitch-black mob comedy stars Armand Assante, BEING HUMAN’S Sam Witwer and Talia Shire.


concept, scripting, directing, shooting, post for on-air, web, mobile, feature film live action and animation projects




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