BETTY FIGHTS ZOMBIES (Home Page Video)– A chance to direct the legendary BETTY WHITE.  What a thrill to hear comedy dialogue I wrote, delivered by a comedic icon;  Also to work with multiple Academy Award winning make-up effects artists Matthew Mungle and Clinton Wayne.  


WE ARE AARP FOUNDATION – Real people shot on location in Phoenix and Atlanta.  Their own words are profound and moving.  Low budget but it doesn’t show.

FOUR STORIES – Actors portray real people who are victims of identity theft.  The challenge?  Make a one day, one location shoot look like it’s capturing the lives and environments of four different people.  Shot on the RED.

INSIDE / OUT – Tween Episode.  One day to shoot a documentary short.  Used video, intercut with color and B + W Super 8mm Film to add texture and resonance to the experience of young girls on the cusp of womanhood learning empowerment. Click here to watch it on YouTube


concept, scripting, directing, shooting, post for on-air, web, mobile, feature film live action and animation projects




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